Wedding Ready

Get ready for your special day with us, and say “I do” to feeling your best.

Our ‘Wedding Ready’ package will help you to feel more toned in as little as 4 weeks with:

  • 4x EMSCULPT NEO sessions (application of choice)
  • 2x EVOLT 360 scans + before and after photos
  • 10x Vive Active Reformer Pilates classes
  • 1x Kissed Earth BALANCE Super Greens with Hemp Protein
  • 1x Vitality Blends Lean Essentials + Collagen

Suitable for: Brides-to-be, 12-15 weeks leading up to the big day.


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We all want to look and feel our best as we say, “I do” to spending forever with the love of our life.

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